Mermaids admin octubre 22, 2021


Nowadays, we are more than aware about the fact that we live in a phallocentric society which reifies and sexualizes the female body. Only from the last recent years on, we are starting to break this judgment making all bodies the same regardless their size, color or gender; just tools and containers that allow humans to live the life of their choice.

“Mermaids” are empowered women that show themselves as they are, bluntly and in the most honest way : with no garments nor ornaments. They just want to be seen as human beings without any sexual harassment or thoughts, smashing the way this phallocentric consumer society has been tagging them for centuries.

These “Mermaids” are immerse in the deepest of their own existence; lonely, unable to breath, being one with nature they are only capable to listen to their inner voice; the ancestral and true one. This short instant finds its beauty on the ephemeral of the moment, that is captured almost by chance, because it will never exist again. 

Water is the perfect medium to translate this unique and personal feeling because of its unstable nature. Pictorially talking, it allows to mix the two biggest languages in art; abstraction and realism.

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